Neonexus Wars

Neonexus Wars

Dive into the cyberpunk world of Neonexus Wars, where you'll navigate treacherous sectors as a Nexus Runner.

Craft your deck, tackle challenging runs, and face off against powerful foes in this roguelike deckbuilder.

Can you survive the Neonexus?

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Detailed Description

Welcome to the Neonexus, where the city pulses with neon and every shadow holds secrets. In Neonexus Wars, immerse yourself in a cyberpunk dystopia set in the year 2074. As a skilled Nexus Runner, your strategy and deck-building prowess will be your greatest assets in navigating through a treacherous urban landscape.

Embark on daring runs through sectors rife with danger and opportunity. Chain together nodes ranging from Easy to Elite, culminating in high-stakes Boss encounters that will test your mettle. But beware, death is unforgiving in this unforgiving world - failure means losing everything and starting anew.

Assemble your deck wisely, for each card holds the key to survival in this unforgiving world. Explore a branching narrative filled with twists and turns, uncovering the truth behind the Neonexus and your place within it.

With competitive leaderboards and a variety of characters to choose from, Neonexus Wars offers endless replayability and challenges to conquer. Will you rise to the top and carve your name into the annals of the Neonexus, or will you be consumed by its shadows? The choice is yours in Neonexus Wars.


Originally conceived as a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG), Neonexus Wars embarked on a transformative journey to become the immersive digital experience it is today. Drawing inspiration from the captivating worlds of Roguelike Deck Builder Strategy games, our team set out to craft a unique adventure set in the vibrant and dynamic universe of Neonexus Wars. What you see before you is the culmination of our passion and dedication, and we're thrilled to share it with players worldwide.


  • Single Player - Immerse yourself in a solo adventure through the neon-lit streets of Neonexus, where every decision shapes your fate.
  • Steam Achievements - Earn recognition for your accomplishments as you conquer challenges and unravel the mysteries of the cyberpunk cityscape.
  • Steam Cloud - Safeguard your progress and seamlessly continue your journey across multiple devices with Steam Cloud support.
  • Steam Leaderboards - Compete against friends and players worldwide, striving for the top spot on the leaderboards as you master the art of Nexus running.