About Us

Gobbo Games emerged as an Independent Game Development company, introducing titles like “The Colony 2174” and “Riders of Asgard”. Subsequently, our expertise expanded into Virtual Reality and Simulators consulting, revealing potential applications for corporate clients.

Leveraging our collective proficiency in Enterprise Development, High Availability Game Services, and Gamification, we present a distinctive service that redefines Software Architecture and Development paradigms compared to our competitors.

Our operational base resides in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Our ethos revolves around crafting enterprise-ready, stable, and scalable software solutions, coupled with delivering high-quality and cost-effective games.

Our principal objective centers on providing clients with an unparalleled development journey, furnishing tailored software solutions within budgetary and scheduling constraints.

In parallel, we nurture a secondary ambition: to craft top-notch, affordable games that deliver optimal entertainment value. As an Independent Game Development Studio, our focus remains unwavering — developing games we passionately desire to play ourselves.

Quinton Delpeche

Founder & Go-To Guy

Shirley Delpeche

Keeper of the Words

Nanette Giquel

Game Tester